By MuStat gets 1,457,313 visitors per day, is worth $9,574,547 and has an overall rating of 76/100.

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Each day, generates 7,286,565 pageviews from 1,457,313 visitors. The website receives an average of 45,176,703 visits and 225,883,515 pageviews per month. It is given a rating of A, due to its excellent performance.

Per day Per week Per month Per year
Visitors 1,457,313 10,201,191 45,176,703 531,919,245
Pageviews 7,286,565 51,005,955 225,883,515 2,659,596,225

SEO potential has a Google Pagerank of 0 out of 10 and an Alexa Rank of 439. Although being more and more depreciated as a website quality indicator, a higher PageRank still indicates in most cases the popularity of a website. Sites with high Alexa Rank have high amounts of visitors, indicating that they get good search engine rankings.

The domain name was created 9 years ago (year: 2014, month: 09, day: 12) and has a length of 7 characters. Search engines algorithm gives more credibility and authority to websites whose domain name has been registered for a long time and is still in use (but not parked).

It is given a rating of C, due to its good performance.

Pagerank 0/10
Alexa #439
Age 9 years and 7 months
Index View pages indexed in : [Google] [Yahoo] [Bing]

Earnings earns $4,372 USD a day in advertising revenue. Income from CPC banner ads is $1,595,780 USD per year. Yearly income from CPM banner ads is $265,960 USD. If the website was up for sale, it could be sold for $9,574,547 USD. It is given a rating of B, due to its high performance.

Per day Per week Per month Per year
CPC 4,372 30,604 135,532 1,595,780
CPM 729 5,101 22,588 265,960

Server information resolves to the IP address, which is located in Phoenix, United States. The amount of bandwidth used by Stylene is 610.753 GB per day. Thus, we estimates that uses a total of 20 server(s), with a cost of $12,000 USD per month.

Hosting Analysis

Amount of Servers 20
Servers Cost /month 12,000
Website Bandwidth /day 610.753 GB

Server location

Latitude 33.4484
Longitude -112.074
City Phoenix
Country United States

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