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0-360.ru gets 485 visitors per day, is worth $458 and has an overall rating of 27/100.

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Basic information

Title Виртуальные туры и 3d панорамы Казани
Description Виртуальные туры и 3d панорамы Казани
Analytics ID /
Adsense ID pub-4350070463420672
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Each day, 0-360.ru generates 2,425 pageviews from 485 visitors. The website receives an average of 15,035 visits and 75,175 pageviews per month. It is given a rating of D, due to its low performance.

Per day Per week Per month Per year
Visitors 485 3,395 15,035 177,025
Pageviews 2,425 16,975 75,175 885,125
Traffic [0-360.ru] Rank Search

SEO potential

0-360.ru has a Google Pagerank of 3 out of 10 and an Alexa Rank of 2,621,909. Although being more and more depreciated as a website quality indicator, a higher PageRank still indicates in most cases the popularity of a website. Sites with high Alexa Rank have high amounts of visitors, indicating that they get good search engine rankings.

The domain name was created 14 years ago (year: 2008, month: 08, day: 10) and has a length of 5 characters. Search engines algorithm gives more credibility and authority to websites whose domain name has been registered for a long time and is still in use (but not parked).

It is given a rating of D, due to its low performance.

Pagerank 3/10
Alexa #2,621,909
Age 14 years and 8 days
Index View pages indexed in : [Google] [Yahoo] [Bing]


0-360.ru earns $1 USD a day in advertising revenue. Income from CPC banner ads is $365 USD per year. Yearly income from CPM banner ads is $89 USD. If the website was up for sale, it could be sold for $458 USD. It is given a rating of E, due to its very low performance.

Per day Per week Per month Per year
CPC 1 7 31 365
CPM 0 2 8 89

Server information

0-360.ru resolves to the IP address, which is located in Moscow, Russian Federation. The amount of bandwidth used by 0-360 is 208.139 MB per day. Thus, we estimates that 0-360.ru uses a total of 1 server(s), with a cost of $5 USD per month.

Hosting Analysis

Amount of Servers 1
Servers Cost /month 5
Website Bandwidth /day 208.139 MB

Server location

Latitude 55.7522
Longitude 37.6156
City Moscow
Country Russian Federation
Geolocation [0-360.ru]
0-360 server location : Moscow, Russian Federation (55.7522,37.6156)

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